Niger Seed


50 Kg Nett in PP Bags


Niger(Nyjer) Seeds which comes from the Ramtili plant and scientifically known as Guizotia abyssinica. Oil enriched, black and small Ingurgitated with oils. Niger Seeds are mainly used to feed the birds and it also marginal used in India as jelly.

Though Ethiopia still exports Niger Seeds but today India secures a significant position as one of the Niger Seed Exporters and produces around 2 Lakh tones Nyjer seeds and 75% (approx) of the produced Niger seed are exported to U.S. Niger Seed Exporters of India also export high quality seeds to Mexico, Singapore, Canada, EU and Brazil.


Purity: 99 %
Moisture: 8 % MAX.


  • Used for medicated shampoo, medicine anti aging treatments, anti aging skin care
  • Utilized for varied industrial applications such as paints preparations, soap making
  • Known for their high oil as well as protein contents