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We export and supply finest quality Fenugreek Seeds. Fenugreek is the small stony seed from the pod of a bean like plant Trigonella foenum-graecum belonging to the family Leguminosae. The seeds are hard, yellowish brown and angular, with a side length of 3 – 5 mm. Fenugreek has various medicinal and digestive properties. The quality of Fenugreek is adjudged by the size and color of the seeds besides other parameters like cleanliness, moisture, etc. We with our presence in Madhya Pradesh are fully equipped to supply the best quality product at the most competitive prices. We use color sortex machine to offer our customers the choice of uniform colored, machine cleaned bold seeded as well as small seeded grades


Fenugreek is frequently used in the preparation of pickles, curry powders, and pastes. The young leaves and sprouts of fenugreek are eaten as greens, and the fresh and dried leaves are used to flavor variety of dishes. The dried leaves (kasuri methi) have a bitter taste and a strong characteristic smell.