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Coriander is a plant of the parsley family. The use of coriander can be traced back to around 5000 BC, making it one of the world’s oldest spices. We bring quality coriander which is a fragrant spice having mild, distinctive taste similar to a blend of lemon and sage. Coriander is used in Indian curries, gin, American cigarettes, and sausages.

We are one of the noted manufacturers, exporters and supplier of Coriander Seeds. Provided seeds are efficiently cleaned and sorted by our qualified team of professionals, who are well-versed in their concerned domain. These seeds provide mesmerizing aroma and delectable taste to the dishes and are widely used to enhance the flavor and taste of the cuisines.


Coriander seeds have both medicinal and culinary uses. It has stimulant, aromatic and carminative properties. They are generously used with active purgatives as flavoring and to lessen their griping action. Essential oil extracted from the seed is used in colic, rheumatism and neuralgia. Coriander seeds are also used in packed spices to add a unique flavor to the pack.